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This is not how I wanted to start this blog off, but I feel I must get some of this out. I found myself several times during last night going down to Ava’s room to hold her in my arms while she slept peacefully, crying silently, thanking God for giving me such a gorgeous healthy baby, and praying as hard as I could making deals with God.

Two of my best friends found out yesterday that their beautiful son, who is not even 2 years old, has a tumor in the middle of his brain. As if this news wasn’t devastating enough, they have learned that he will have to undergo a series of surgeries to remove the tumor safely. As I attempt to imagine the roller coaster of emotions Brande and Randy must be feeling, my heart aches for all of them and I realize that I am completely helpless in soothing their pain. The only thing I can think of to do is to beg anyone who reads this to pray …

Please pray that the tumor is not cancerous … pray that God will lay his healing hand on Bennett … pray that God will guide the doctors who are helping Bennett … pray that his parents and family will feel God’s love, their faith will not waver, and God will give them the strength to just get through each day one at a time as each new challenge comes to them in this journey. I have a strong faith that God has a plan for Bennett and that he did not intend to give Bennett, and that beautiful one-dimple-smile, to this world for such a short amount of time and that he will pull Bennett through this safely smiling his big beautiful smile.

Please share this story with as many of your friends of faith as you can. Until next time … this has been a very sad real housewife in Houston moment.


God's little soldier!

God's little soldier!

Prayers have been answered. Thank you everyone for all of your support. He came through the surgery with 2 holes, drained the fluid, took a preliminary biopsy that came back benign!!!!! We get the final results Wednesday, and then we will schedule the surgery for removal. God answered our prayers. Thank you father.


He was diagnosed with fluid on his brain via CT Scan on December 14th. We went into Texas Children’s Hospital and they took us by ambulance to their main campus in the medical center ER. We were then placed in the ICU unit for the next 4 days. He had brain surgery (they went in and created an alternate route for the fluid, and took a biopsy of the tumor that was causing the blockage)….The tumor came back as Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma. Grade 1. (If we never would have noticed something was wrong….he would have eventually slipped into a coma in the next few months sometime)….my heart just stops thinking of this…..

Ok back to what it is…Grade 1, Which means it is benign, which is a good thing. However, the tumor’s placement in between the Pineal gland and Tectal Gland is not.

There are only 2 cases reported in the US yearly of these types of tumors. So his is VERY rare. They are unsure what the best course of action is for treatment since they have no idea what it will do in its location…but they feel strongly that surgery is not the best option given its current location in the center of his brain. So…..

Due to his age, we cannot do radiation, due to the location we cannot do surgery….so….this leaves chemo.

They are leaning towards chemo…however, since this is so rare they would like to observe it, as long as it is is not hurting him…which it no longer is since they removed the fluid… as long as it doesn’t grow any larger, it won’t effect any of the glands it is next to or the surround brain matter.

So, for now- we wait.
We brought him into the ER tonight due to a brain fluid drainage coming through the brain incision. They were able to do another CT Scan to
See that it was just a fluid buildup. and that his brain was working fine. So, they re-sealed him and sent us home. After many tears.

I am trusting that Bennett is in the best hands in the US at this hospital.They know what they are doing and I place all my faith in God’s hands to lead us through this.

Thank you all again for all of your support and I promise to keep you all posted!