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I have been an emotional mess today. Before Ava was born, I created an email address for her so that I (and anyone else in the family of course) could send emails describing special moments and adventures to Ava with the intention of handing it over to her when she is old enough to have an email. Google actually put out a commercial depicting the same scenario, but I swear I thought of it a few weeks before I saw the commercial …

So as often as I can, I try to send Ava emails explaining to her how much I love her. Today is her 8 month birthday, so I composed an email to her telling her about all of the things we’ve been doing and her milestone accomplishments over the past couple of months since my last email, including a few photos I took of her today.

The problem with doing this, try as I might not to, while composing the emails I always imagine Ava at about age 16 years reading all of the emails I’ve been sending to her throughout her life … I can picture what she’ll look like, how she’ll treasure and re-read them over and over, and what her personality will be like … and I become a bucket of tears. This usually continues throughout the day if not for a couple of days. So here I am, crying again.

Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.