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While trolling one of my favorite most addictive websites, I found this challenge. Since it’s the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to go ahead and start on it. I’m only 2 weeks behind so it should be easy to double up pretty soon and catch up.

Week One is Kitchen Organization: Counter tops & Sink. Other than my lack of kitchen storage space, I’m relatively satisfied with the way I’ve got my counter tops organized. I do have a constant battle with incoming mail (see the stack of papers on the counter in the bottom right corner). My husband always separates his mail from mine when he brings it in and drops mine right there. Filing bills away is pretty low on my priority list so the pile doesn’t really get filed away for several months or when we have company over (which is rarely). I’d also like to do something about the bottle drying rack that’s against the wall on the left side of the photo. And for some reason my husband hates the toaster oven that’s on the counter next to the fridge (even though it’s something I use almost daily).

Please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink. I plan to do them after I finish this post. 🙂

So I’ll update this post later in the week when I’ve resolved my kitchen counter top & sink organization issues. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.


This is the new home for the mail (until I can get it filed away) and any magazines that come in.

Of course, I got the idea from pintrest (here). Granted mine isn’t as fancy as her’s because I couldn’t figure out how to do the lettering, but it still looks really nice and  it’s a definite improvement over what was happening with the mail. I didn’t have a stockpile of fabric laying around the house, so it did cost me about $7 in fabric. Otherwise, I used cardboard boxes I got for FREE from the post office, duct tape that we already had, and a hot glue gun that I already had. So in total, this project cost me $7, still cheaper than the $60 version this project was inspired by. I know you’re questioning the stability of it since it’s made from cardboard, but it really feels nice and sturdy. Also, don’t forget, I’m only keeping a few magazines and some mail in this so I have confidence that it’ll hold up.

Finally, I bought this bad boy on eBay and saved about $20. It’ll be here within the week, so that takes care of the toaster issue that my husband hated. I think I can move on to the week 2!