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I feel like I had a productive and great weekend. Ava and I went to Louisiana for the day to visit my family on Saturday. She had a lot of fun showing off her walking skills to Paw Paw Jim Jim and Mamou. She laughed with Uncle Jesse and got to pet Paw Paw Jim Jim’s new bunnies. She even got some snuggle time in with Maw Maw. It’s so much fun watching her interact with family.

Sunday, we all met the Nesters for the Run for the Rose  with Team Bennett. We did the non-competitive family 1k fun run. I got some pretty cute photos of Ava and daddy starting and finishing the race. All the kids got medals at the end and Ava really enjoyed chewing on hers. By the way, you can still donate to the charity here.

Since we had to get up so early for that, we all went home and took a nap, and then headed out to home depot and the grocery store. I’m going to make an attempt to grow strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers this year.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of a weekend to most people, and probably wouldn’t have to me either 7 years ago, but these are the kinds of weekends I cherish now. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.