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Ava’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. One of her gifts is going to be this birthday yearbook I made on Shutterfly. I made something similar for all the grandparents (that included photos of all their grandchildren) for Christmas and it was a huge hit. These are going to be repeat gifts every year. On the first page it has all of her monthly photos, minus the 12th month (I’ll probably include this same page in next year’s book as well but with the 12th month photo in it). It’s about 37 pages long and also includes a Table Of Contents that tells what’s on each page. I have a biography that I’ve filled in for now, but when she’s 3 I’ve got a list of questions that I’m going to start asking her to answer on her own so she can see how her answers changed over the years. Eventually, I plan to add copies of any drawings or craft projects she makes as well as report cards, positive teacher’s notes, and sports or academic awards. The last page is a decorated open page that I’ll put out for her birthday party so that all the guests can sign it like a guestbook. This is something I want to do for all my children for their birthdays as keepsakes. Depending on how creative you are, it can take some time to put together, but the system that Shutterfly uses allows you to add tons of stickers, borders, frames, and backgrounds. And for those who don’t feel very creative, they have “idea pages” that you can add to your project where they’ve done all the work and you just drop in the photos you want to use. I usually order an 8×8 hardback book that already includes 20 pages for $29.99, then it’s $1 for each additional page. So this one came out to be $58, but I found a 40% of discount code and got $18 off. Here are all the pricing and book size details.

Click here to view Ava’s photo book to see the details I listed above.

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at Shutterfly.com. I also plan to make one of these for my husband for Father’s Day every year. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.