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One of my guilty pleasures is soap operas. However, I only watch 2 of them (if you don’t include all the “reality” competitions I watch), The Young And The Restless and Days Of Our Lives. As I was watching Y & R the other day, the character Victor Newman was talking about one of his many marriages and I began to wonder how many times had he actually been married. So of course, I Googled it! If Wikipedia (feel free to read the whole back story, but it took me an hour … I learned a lot that I never knew) is correct, the total is 13 so far and the man seems to be perfectly capable to keep on going like the Energizer Bunny as he is currently on the market and diddling a couple different women including his most recent ex-daughter-in-law and former wife, Sharon.

  1. Late 1970’s – Julia Newman
  2. April 13, 1984 – Nikki Reed (divorced)
  3. Late 1980’s – Leanna “Love” Randolph (declared invalid since his divorce from Nikki wasn’t final)
  4. Early 1990’s – Ashley Abbott (divorce by 1993)
  5. Mid 1990’s – Hope  Adams (divorced)
  6. Late 1990’s – Dianne Jenkins (divorced)
  7. Late 1990’s – Nikki Reed (declared invalid since he was still legally married to Dianne Jenkins)
  8. Early 2000’s – Nikki Reed (divorced in 2008)
  9. June 2008 – Sabrina Costelana (died 2 months later along with their unborn child in a car crash)
  10. July 2009 – Ashley Abbot (divorced)
  11. Early 2010’s – Meggie McClaine (scam – turned her in and annulled the marriage)
  12. Mid 2010’s (possibly 2011) – Dianne Jenkins  (almost annulled but Dianne was killed in self defense by Nikki Reed instead)
  13. 2011 – Sharon Newman (his former daughter-in-law by Nick and Adam – annulled)
  14. August 2012 – Sharon Newman (annulled the marriage by October 2012)
  15. March 18, 2013 – Nikki Reed

Eric Braeden as Victor Newman

I’m pretty sure Victor isn’t done yet. He seems to want to marry a new woman every time he changes his underwear. I’ll try to remember to keep updating this post for those who are keeping track. And let me know if there is anyone else that you’d like me to research for you. Hee hee. Don’t forget to find me on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. I know this probably wasn’t a very interesting post, but until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.