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My MIL recently told me that when my husband was a child, his favorite thing to do was re-organize everyone’s closets. He has carried that into his adult life. It drives me insane because he usually puts things in a new place where I can’t find them. So I’m constantly trying to find ways to beat him to the punch so at least I know where I’ve put things.

We have stacks of holiday and birthday cards and I hate to throw them away, especially the ones sent to Ava. So I found a nicely organized way to keep them where they shouldn’t annoy my husband, should stay neatly in place, and will be protected for the future so Ava can go back to read them and see how much everyone loved her throughout her life. This was not an idea of my own, I found it on Pinterest.
Greeting Card Book
I bought a really cute fashion binder from OfficeMax for $7 and just hole-punched the cards so that they fit in the binder. I wrote the year she received the card on the back of each one. Most of the cards are only big enough to get punched twice, so I was careful to punch the holes on the folding/bound side so she won’t have to remove them to read them later. I put them in order from oldest in the front to most recent in the back. I’m sure eventually, I’ll have to label this binder with the years it consists of and start a new one. It’s cute and inexpensive, but organized and protected.

I think I’ll go and collect the others we have packed away around the house and do the same for everyone. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.