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I love going to the movies. Pre-parenthood, I used to go to the theater to watch new releases all the time. Now I’ve resolved to my $11 a month Netflix subscription and watching them in the comfort of my huge king-sized bed in my jammies with my $1.50 popcorn and large glass of iced water … and I’m fine with that because it’s a A LOT easier on our bank account. So starting Monday, I will be posting a Monday Movie Review of whatever movies off my Netflix queue I was able to squeeze in from the previous week (they won’t always be new releases because I like to add movies to my queue that Netflix suggests to me on occasion, plus I have 80+ movies that have come out in the past year on there that I haven’t seen yet so deal with it … I’m a mommy to a toddler. I LOVE my Netflix. I wish I had stock in that freakin company! Anyway, I know you’re looking forward to this weekly entry and my 2 cents (that’s what people call sarcasm).

Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.