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This year, we’ll be joining my husband’s parents at a couple of parties for the 4th. Only one of which I’ll need to bring a contribution to the menu. This looks like a good excuse to troll Pinterest to look for festive recipes. 🙂

I found several that I love but I can’t decide. I’d love some input so leave your suggestions in the comments please. FYI, click on the photos to go to my Pinterest board, where you can then click on each photo to see the recipes. And feel free to share them.

July 4th Triffle

July 4th Triffle – I can’t choose between the 3 of them either. If you click on the photo, you’ll be directed to my Pinterest page where you can see what is in them. One of them has vanilla pudding and the others I believe have whip cream.

July 4th Firecracker Cake

July 4th Firecracker Cake – If I’m going to do a cake, this looks like the easiest kind to do. Which one do you like better?

July 4th Flag Cake

July 4th Flag Cake – I’ve done a rainbow cake like this before. It takes some extra time and patience, but when people cut it open they oooh & aaah about it.

July 4th Cupcakes

July 4th Cupcakes – Cupcakes is another alternative to the cake issue. Maybe I’ll do a combination of these two (make the cupcakes like the one on the right and then plate them like the ones on the left). What do you think?

The triffles look so delicious, but I really love the reaction I’d get if I did the flag cake. My MIL still talks about the rainbow cake I did for Ava’s party that was similar to this. It’s just so tedious. I think maybe the cupcakes would be a fun alternative to the flag cake too. Does anyone have any opinions about this? HELP.

Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.