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I’m getting ready to move in the next month or so, something I haven’t done in a few years and am very much dreading. In preparation for it, I’ve started to go through things that I don’t want to lug to a new house and putting them aside to either throw away, donate, or sell on eBay. I’ve also been looking for organized ways to make it as easy of a move as possible considering I’m almost 8 months pregnant and have a 15 month old to tend to. While on Pinterest, I came across this pin, followed the link back to the original blog post, and can not wait to implement her technique.

How To Move & Keep Track Of Your Stuff

Click on the image to get to my Pinterest board, then click again to get to the original blog.

I’ll keep you posted when I actually move on how well it worked, but after reading the blog I got it from, I have every confidence this is going to keep me sane during the move. I hope it helps you.

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