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Elf On The Shelf season is approaching and I’m getting pretty excited about it. We didn’t have any family traditions like this when I was little so I may be living vicariously through my kids during the holidays from this point on. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Google for name and shenanigan ideas. We gave Ava a female elf for Christmas last year knowing that she was too young (7 months old at the time) to know what it was much less have fun with it. I plan to give her a temporary name probably until next year (or possibly the year after) when one or both of the girls are old enough to talk clearly and choose a name on their own. I’m really curious what your elf’s name is and some of the shenanigans he/she has gotten into. Please post them in the comments. 🙂

Oh and you can bet your pinky toe I’ll be posting photos of our elf’s shenanigans here so get ready for some silliness.

Look for a post in the coming week about some of the other Christmas traditions I’ve found on Pinterest that I plan to start.

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