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I came across this Christmas tradition on Pinterest and I was inspired to adopt it into our family. It’s called Elfing and it is the same as Booing, which I had also never heard of, but Anders Ruff Custom Designs explains it so well:

In case you didn’t know… Elfing=Boo’ing but at Christmas time and with Christmas gifts/goodies

and in case you didn’t know what “Boo’ing” is….

Basically Boo’ing is “Reverse trick-or-treating.” Basically you fill a basket or bag with goodies, toys or anything festive for Halloween and leave it on the front doorstep of a friend or neighbor. You must include a “door sign” and “poem/instructions” so that the recipient knows what this is there for and how to pass long the favor. The recipient will place the door sign on their front door to let others know that they have had a turn being “boo’ed”. Then the recipient gets a turn at this. Pretty soon the whole neighborhood is filled w/ homes with doors that have the signs up!

So… “ELFING” is the same thing! What a fun time of year and a great way to show our friends and neighbors that we care for them!

What a fun and generous tradition to partake in during the season of giving. We will schedule our Elfing deliveries on December 1st every year. I can’t wait to see how many of my new neighbors join in! I didn’t even spend a lot to get our bags ready:

  • Gift bags – $0 (I’m recycling bags we already have from previous gifts given to us)
  • Candy canes – $0 (I had plenty left over from our North Pole Breakfast)
  • Hot chocolate – $0 (I had plenty left over from our North Pole Breakfast)
  • Printables – $0 (Thanks to Pinterest, I found several online for free and saved them to use for future Elfings … check the Credits below for links to the blogs I found and free printables for your own Elfings)
  • Tin of cookies – $2.98/each x 2 at Wal-Mart (I would have made these myself, but then I thought if I got a tin of homemade cookies from an anonymous stranger, I probably wouldn’t eat them … just saying)
  • Ornament – $1.97/each x 2 at Wal-Mart
  • Scented candle – $1/each x 2 at Wal-Mart

The total was $11.09 for 2 Elfing gift bags and a generous Christmas tradition that spreads cheer throughout the neighborhood and gives my girls some wonderful memories.


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