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The end of our first Elf On The Shelf season has arrived. We were sad to see Tinsel go. However, we have documented all of her antics this year for your convenience if you’d like to use any of them for your elf. Click on the links in the list below to see the original posts. If you need some more creative ideas, be sure to stop by and check out Tinsel’s 1st Annual Elfing Around Photo Challenge ~ 2012. Enjoy!

2012 Elf On The Shelf

  1. Introduce your elf with a North Pole Breakfast (We’ll do it this way every year)
  2. Have your elf try to drive the car on a trip (you could have some Christmas music blaring in the car)
  3. Have your elf take a mini-marshmallow bath
  4. Have your elf riding (or hanging onto) one of your stocking holders
  5. Your elf can play a game of Go Fish with some of the other Christmas decorations or your child’s toys
  6. Let your elf get on the computer and make a social media page
  7. Turn the milk green with some food coloring
  8. Lie your elf (or let him sit) on the printer to make a photo copy of himself
  9. Let your elf zip line from the Christmas tree across the room
  10. Have your elf making snow angels (use powdered or granulated sugar) and a marshmallow snowman
  11. Wrap your elf up in a roll of toilet paper (this won’t make any sense unless you do the next one the night after)
  12. Let your elf TP the Christmas tree or an entire room
  13. Stuff your elf in a clear candy or cookie jar
  14. Have your elf doodle with a marker on a photo (be sure to test the marker to make sure it will clean off of the glass of the photo frame first)
  15. Let your elf eat some sort of treat (ours had green mint Oreo cookies)
  16. Have your elf ride (or hanging onto) on one of the decorations around the house
  17. Put a straw in the syrup and wrap your elf around the spout
  18. Let your elf take over one of your child’s stockings
  19. Set your elf up on your Christmas countdown calendar (if you don’t have one just have him marking through the days of a regular calendar as if to countdown to Christmas)
  20. Let your elf take a break and hang out in the Christmas tree
  21. Build a car or house with your child’d lego blocks for your elf
  22. Set your elf up on the couch with an elf-sized cup of popcorn, some syrup, and the remote so that he can watch a Christmas movie or Saturday morning cartoons with with your child
  23. Let your elf relax next to your child’s bed as they sleep
  24. Dye the toilet water green with food coloring and set your elf on the seat as if he’s taking a potty break (be careful not to let him fall in)
  25. Have your elf leaving a progress report or a letter (we have one in this post) in one of your child’s stockings
  26. Use red & green M&Ms to write a message to your child
  27. Let your elf read a Christmas book to some of the other Christmas figurines or your child’s toys
  28. Have your elf make paper snowflakes
  29. Let your elf put all the Christmas photos (past and present) on a digital photo frame (if you don’t have one, you can make a slideshow on the computer)
  30. Take a picture of your elf and let him replace all of your photos with the picture of him
  31. Let your elf block your child in his bedroom by taping crepe streamer paper or gift wrapping ribbon all across the door so that your child gets to bust through it to get out in the morning (I will be saving this one for the last night the elf is in my house so that the girls get to do this every Christmas Eve morning)

On Christmas morning, we found a goodbye letter from Tinsel that she left for the girls since she went back to the North Pole when Santa came the night before.

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