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Well, it’s a new year … a time for new beginnings and second chances. To me, that means it’s time to make a second attempt at getting organized. Last year, I only made it through week 1 before I gave up. 🙂 I wonder how far I’ll make it this time. So here we go, …

Week One is Kitchen Organization: Counter tops & Sink. Other than my lack of kitchen storage space, I’m relatively satisfied with the way I’ve got my counter tops organized. I still have a constant battle with incoming mail (see the stack of papers on the island in the top photo). My husband always separates his mail from mine when he brings it in and drops mine right there. Filing bills away is pretty low on my priority list so the pile doesn’t really get filed away for several months or when we have company over (which is rarely). Also, I never use the bottle warmer in the middle photo.  And finally, I’d also like to do something about the bottle drying rack that’s against the wall on the bottom photo.

Week One

I cleared off the island. The decorative fruit basket was relocated to another piece of furniture that was lacking and actually looks better in it’s new home. The cutting board was relocated to the top of the fridge because it’s too big to fit in the cabinet where the other cutting boards are (which is how it ended up on the island in the first place.

The bottle warmer that I never use is now on eBay. Feel free to go bid on it so I can get it out of my house. 🙂

The bottle drying rack is also on eBay. As an alternative, I went to target and bought a nice silver dish rack that fits into one side of the sink nicely. At the end of every day while dishes are washing in the dishwasher, whatever didn’t fit will get hand washed and placed in the dish rack for drying. The following morning, all clean dishes (both in the dishwasher and the sink dish rack) will be put away.

Week 1 complete!

Don’t forget to find me on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.