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Week Two is Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization. I recently moved into the home I’m in now. When I moved, I made sure to tackle this task before I put things away, so really, it was already done a few months ago. Here’s what I came up with.


All of my shelves and drawers are lined with a neutral beige/white plaid patterned shelving paper that compliment the cream color of the cabinetry.

  1. This cabinet is next to the refrigerator: bottom shelf is glasses; middle shelf is coffee cups and dessert dishes; top shelf is sports glasses and large measuring cups.
  2. This is the inside of the door of the cabinet in photo #3. I decided to take my measuring spoons and cups out of my already cluttered large utensil drawer (photo #6) and hang them with this nifty vinyl decal conversion chart that I got from Say It On The Wall. I like the way Laura has hers depicted better, but my shelf spacing (that I can’t change) wouldn’t allow that, so I worked with what I have.
  3. This is the cabinet next to the microwave and stove (the cooking area): bottom shelf is spices with the larger bottles in the back; middle shelf is strainers and glass mixing bowls; top shelf is storage containers … if I don’t have a lid for it, it goes in the trash.
  4. The cabinet is above the dishwasher: bottom shelf is plates; middle shelf is coffee cups that match this set, pasta bowls, and soup bowls; top shelf is baby bottles, baby utensils, baby bowls, baby cups.
  5. This is my silverware drawer and my dish towel drawer. Notice the silverware drawer is nice and neat with a silver mesh drawer divider exactly like this one. My towels are always folded neatly so they fit into the drawer without catching when it’s opened.
  6. This is my large utensil drawer and my “junk drawer”. Now I know the large utensil drawer looks a mess. However, I recently switched it with the towels because I realized it was in a drawer that was too small. This drawer is bigger and I can now see and find everything in there without having to move things around too much. My “junk drawer” is organized using little plastic bins similar to this one. We don’t keep anything in there we don’t need or use.
  7. This is my largest cabinet but hardest to get things into and out of. So I keep things in here that I don’t use often (small crock pot, ice cream maker, hand mixer, blender, food processor, toaster, holiday dishes, etc.).
  8. This cabinet holds all the cookware that I use regularly including my rice cooker and large crock pot. Notice I have the lids standing up in 2 lid organizers exactly like this one.
  9. This credenza is in my breakfast area in the kitchen. I use it to store my cookbooks. It’s actually this bookshelf I got from Ikea for $60, turned on it’s side, and added a set of legs to ($12). The baskets are also pretty cheap at Ikea … they aren’t really being used for anything but looks at the moment. If I get more cookbooks, I can always use the spaces the baskets are in and re purpose them somewhere else.

Week 2 complete!

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