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Week Three is Organize Pantry, Spices & Food. As I said in the first organizational challenge post, I recently moved into the home I’m in now … so, organizing the pantry in an efficient way was done at that time.


All of my shelves are lined with a neutral beige/white plaid patterned shelving paper that compliment the cream color of the cabinetry.

  1. This is just an overall photo of my whole pantry … not very big, I know. It sucks.
  2. This is the top shelf. At the moment I keep some of the dogs’ medications that need to be taken every month (flea & tick, heartworm). I keep them there to help us remember to give them to the dogs and so they are easy to find and see if we are getting low so we can order more if we need to. I also keep over-stocked food items up there. There are certain foods that don’t spoil quickly that I like to buy a lot of because we go through them so quickly. So, until the new box is opened, it’s kept up there (cereal, Ava’s oatmeal & cereal bars).
  3. On this shelf are most of the storage containers carrying various items, but mostly baking goods (floor, sugar, cooking oils). There is also cereal and rice in storage containers on this shelf. To the left, you may notice everything is on a turn table. That’s cooking sprays, oils, and some other bottled/canned baking goods.
  4. This shelf is mostly canned goods and boxed goods that haven’t been opened yet. Because I’m so limited in pantry space, I don’t buy anything in excess that I’m not going to use within a week. That’s why you don’t see much on this shelf.
  5. This shelf is where I keep Ava’s & Ainsley’s food. Her fruit pouches are stacked neatly in the box in the back left of the photo. Her cheerios are in a cereal container behind the container with her oatmeal in it, which is next to the container with her cereal bars in it. Ainsley’s formula is in a container stacked on top of another container that has her rice cereal in it. On the far left are ziplock bags, garbage bags, and aluminum foil stacked neatly. On the far right, is a large rectangular storage container that has sauce mixes, instant mashed potatoes, and instant soups.
  6. On the floor, I keep the extra paper towels. On top of that is a box where I keep the canned wet dog food. And the container on the right has all the dry dog food in it.

I’m still working on my spice cabinet. I’m waiting for 2 more turn tables to come in and I’ll update this post then.

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