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First off, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter Sunday. I hope you will all keep in mind what Easter Sunday is really about … the chocolate … it’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Don’t forget to thank him for your blessings.

1.  Now, I want to share a few things with you. I would say that I redeemed myself as a mommy with this beautiful first photo of my girls with the Easter bunny last weekend. My princesses were a picture of good manners and no tears were shed by either of them. Ava even looked up at the bunny curiously a few times. BUT, see that fuzzy left arm wrapped around my beautiful, sweet, squishable princess … it should have had “diarrhea-vomit-stomach flu” written on it … i.e. I think he may have given her the stomach flu. This picture was taken on Saturday and she came down with it on Wednesday. Given this is the only place she went in 7 days, I’m pretty sure that’s where she got it … there were hundreds of kids there. Needless, to say we had to make a visit to the ER on Wednesday night and I lost count of how many times she’s thrown up on me since Wednesday. I feel like I deserve it for unknowingly exposing her to the nasty germs that gave her the stomach bug. Another epic fail? 😦

BTW, day 3 and she finally was able to eat something solid. I think she’ll be back up to at least 90% by tomorrow. We still have a terrible diaper rash to get her through. But she definitely turned a corner to improvement today.


2.  I may steal this adorable idea Easter basket goodie idea Ava received in her school basket this year. In fact, the whole reason I’m documenting it here is so I won’t forget about it next year. 😉

It’s a snack sized Ziploc bag with a mini Hershey’s Chocolate bar, 2 graham crackers, and a marshmallow Peep bunny. Mrs. Janet used an address label to make the sticker with the instructions on it. Simple and cute! I LOVE this idea.


3.  This is the adorable Easter basket Ava’s school made for all the kids (I’m sure the older kids got to help with gluing) . I love kids’ crafts and this is definitely one I want to make sure she and Ainsley do for several years to come.

As you can see, they just used a milk jug. They took an empty gallon milk jug, cut off the top and added eyes, nose, and ears with the construction paper. Then they drew whiskers and a mouth on the face with a permanent marker. Don’t forget to glue a cotton ball on the bottom back for the tail. 🙂

Supplies Needed:
  • gallon milk jug
  • colored paper/cardstock/construction paper
  • permanent marker
  • glue
  • cotton ball
  • stapler

Once I Googled “milk jug Easter basket”, I actually found some that were even cuter that I’d like to note for future reference. 🙂

Click the image and follow the link back to the instructions for this craft.

Click the image and follow the link back to the instructions for this craft.

Click the image and follow the link back to the instructions for this craft.

And finally, I’m going to leave you with this cute little nugget …


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