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It was 3 a.m. and I had already been up for about an hour and a half unwrapping and re-wrapping her swaddle blanket every 15 minutes or so because she would wiggle loose and wake up again. Because I had been battling with this scenario for at least 3 weeks and was loosing my sanity from sleep deprivation again, I had her in the bed with me so I could get to her quickly and she wouldn’t fully wake up.

Since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I was creating a swaddling blanket in my mind that I had planned to sew together the next day that she wouldn’t be able to break out of. So I got up and went to the computer to see if I could find anything that was close to what I was thinking of making and I came across something even better and saferThe Woombie. I found the website, clicked on the contact page and fired off an email. Oh the beautiful power of the internet. I can send out an email at 4 a.m. explaining my problem, someone gets it at 9 a.m. when they come into work, and I don’t look like some crazy lunatic for bugging people at 4 in the morning.

Within a week, I received Ainsley’s Convertible Woombie. I ordered the convertible because she’s 6 months old now and I knew she was going to be rolling over soon and I wanted to be able to let her arms free when she does so she’d be able to push herself around in case she rolled over into a blanket or the wall of the bassinet so she could breath. At the time, she wasn’t rolling over yet, however, since we’ve been using it, she has learned to roll over. She doesn’t move much in her sleep, but we are working towards letting her arms loose within the next week or so. That’s why I’m dividing this product review into 2 parts … Part 1 is about the product arms in and Part 2 will be about the product once her arms are out and free.

The Woombie website actually discourages using the product at all once baby can roll over and I understand their reasons why. I’ve been using white noise (a humidifier) for several months now and I think that helps with creating a deeper sleep for her so that she doesn’t move around.

Things I love about this product:

  1. The fabric is very snug and hugs her tightly to keep her startle-reflex-free (which is why I had to swaddle her in the first place), but it’s still soft and stretchy enough that it’s not actually hurting her. She is free to move her arms up and down her body as she wishes, but the fabric hugs them close so that her body doesn’t jump with the reflex.
  2. Since she’s so snug in the Woombie, her own body heat is able to generate enough heat that she doesn’t even need a blanket. In fact, there is a mesh fabric along the chest area so that she doesn’t get overheated.
  3. The zipper strength is top notch. And, it unzips at both the neck and at the feet. For example, tonight I have her in a footie pajama because I have the A/C on tonight, so I unzipped the Woombie at the feet up to about her knees so she wouldn’t get too hot in it.
  4. The snap at her neck is strong and doesn’t allow for her already strong hands and arms to find their way out, but isn’t so tight that it’s restricting her breathing in any way. YAY! No more unwrapping and re-wrapping every 15 minutes and being worried that if I didn’t get to her in time she might pull the blanket over her head and smoother herself.

The first time I put her in it, she was not a happy camper. She fussed for all of 5 seconds though. The moment I got the zipper all the way up and snapped her up, her eyes immediately got very heavy. She was asleep within 5 minutes. Within a couple of days of seeing how well she slept in her Woombie, I was able to move her from my bed into her bassinet, still only a couple feet from my bed. She now sleeps through the night from about 6 or 7 p.m. (and so do I) until about 4 or 5 a.m. when she wakes up only long enough for me to put her in the bed next to me, put her pacifier in her mouth and then she sleeps until 6 or 7 a.m.

Without hesitation, I can say that this product is my miracle and I am a strong supporter. I hope this review helps you if you are considering getting one. The video below is a demonstration of how to use the Woombie and has some more helpful details about the product noted through it as well.

Check back in the next few weeks when I review The Woombie as a convertible with Ainsley’s arms out.


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