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This is the 3rd installment of my “How to Make Homemade Baby Food Series”, Pears Baby Food. Now if you recall from my first installment, I said that some of these recipes would be a little more work than it may seem would be worth it … this might be one of them but I have a spin for you to make it seem a little more worth it.

First, here’s the recipe …



  • 4 – 6 Fully Ripened Pears
  • 1 – 3 ounces Formula or Breast Milk
  • 1 teaspoon of Rice Cereal


  1. Peel and de-seed 4 – 6 pears  and cut into chunks and drop them into your food processor.
  2. Turn your food processor on low. The pears should be liquified enough when they are completely pureed but if they aren’t, slowly add formula or breast milk an ounce at a time until you are satisfied with the consistency (I don’t normally add any formula because I like the consistency it is by itself). You want it to be very smooth (with no chunks, because your baby probably doesn’t have teeth yet so she won’t be able to chew any chunks … you don’t want this to be a choking hazard), but not runny.
  3. Freeze this mixture. I use ice trays because each ice cube hole is about an ounce, which will make measuring out your baby’s food later much easier. Spoon the food into each ice cube hole of the tray.
  4. Place your tray into the freezer for at least 3 hours or until completely frozen through.
  5. After your baby food is frozen, you can then remove it from the trays by the cube and store it in the freezer in storage bowls or (I use) a large 40 gallon zip lock bag.
  6. When you are ready to use the baby food, just remove a cube (or 2, depending on how much you are feeding your baby) and place it in a feeding bowl, nuke it for about 30 seconds and VOILA, it’s that easy! Here is where I like to add a teaspoon of rice cereal per cube of pears (it’s important to add it after you nuke it … for some reason it messes up the consistency if you try to add it before you microwave it) because I like it to be a little pastier.

You may wish to steam pear chunks for a bit to soften them and enable easier digestion for a younger baby who starts solids at 4 months of age. That process is really easy if you have a steaming pot that you are comfortable using.

And here is a little tip that will make this task seem less daunting … drop one of the frozen pear cubes in your vodka martini the next time you get ready to make baby food. 🙂 YUM!

Don’t forget to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.