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It’s almost May already … where the Hell did April go?!? Since I announced my first Guest Blogger in March, I also posted a “Help Wanted” article asking for more help in that department. I’ve had some pretty good response from it and am happy to introduce next month’s guest blogger to you.

If you’ve followed this blog, you may know that I’ve got 2 4-legged family members, Enzo (a Cocker Spaniel) & Titus (a Yorkie). Before we had babies, they were our babies. I feel a little guilty admitting that they don’t get nearly as much attention as they used to or that I’d like to give them, but I do have 2 human babies in diapers that take all of any extra attention. As the girls get older and are more independent  I am hoping we will get to give the boys more of the attention they used to get and maybe even a little extra from the girls. But for now, neither of them seem very willing to get close to the girls for fear of getting their hair yanked at. 🙂

With that said, making sure they are healthy so that they can make it through this stage of puppy-hair-pulling to a better time when the girls will love them as much as we do and want to cuddle with them is a pretty big priority for us. My guest blogger for the month of May is Mckenzie Hillam. She is a freelance writer who is interested in many different topics, including home and garden. She currently works for companies like Preventive Pest Control and has submitted an informative article about the importance of keeping your dog or cat flea and tick free.

Pet owners often forget that where your pet goes, the fleas and ticks follow. In your car, inside your house, on your couch or even in your bed! Life is messy, we could all share simple tips to make is seem less chaotic I think.

So, if you have fur-babies like we do, I hope you will come back next Monday and check out her ideas.

Don’t forget to find me on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Until next time, this has been a real housewife in Houston moment.