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I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in the past couple of weeks. I have been working really hard on my husband’s birthday gift (which was this past Friday). I made a video of photos of the girls to music using Microsoft Video Maker on our computer. I didn’t want him to know about it, so I was only able to work on it at night while he wasn’t working on the computer (usually after he went to bed). Plus, I had to get 2 years worth of photos into this video and make it as short as I could … which was really tough for me because we take a lot of photos of the girls (and they are so damned cute I can never pick favorite photos). At any rate, the video ended up being over 20 minutes long. But, I’m going to try to do this every year so the videos in the future won’t be as long since I won’t be trying to cram so much in one video. Hopefully, someone will come out with some new father/daughter music for me to use in the next year. 🙂

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