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You may remember back at the end of 2011 when I wrote about my best friend’s little boy, Bennett. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has been getting MRI’s since his original diagnosis every 3 months to monitor the tumor. The type of tumor he was diagnosed with was not supposed to grow and was non-cancerous. However, unfortunately, the MRI he had this past February showed a 40% growth in the last year. His doctors recommended he undergo chemo-therapy to stop the growth and until he is old enough for radiation treatment (he’s only 3 years old). Of course, they got a second opinion and decided to move forward with treatment.

So this morning, he will start the long 18-month road of weekly chemotherapy treatments (bi-weekly for the first couple of months) … I’m sorry, I couldn’t even get through typing that sentence without crying. I guess what I’d like to ask you to pray for is that he get through this process with as little sickness and discomfort as possible … that the treatments do the job of stopping his tumor’s growth … that God give his family the strength to help this strong little guy as he fights through this … and that he comes out winning his battle.

Children shouldn’t have to fight these kinds of battles and this really hurts my heart to think about. But I’m going to pray and have faith that God will pull him and his family through it.

Before I end this post, I’d just like to mention that the family has set up a donation page where they are keeping updates and photos on his progress and journey. Bennett’s parents want to take him to Disney World after his chemo treatments are over. The donations will go towards that. I think it will be a great gift to give him for being such a strong fighter.

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