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Here is Lesson 1.4.

AIW² Home School Club Lesson 1.4 Video Playlist ~This is the whole week’s playlist. If you click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the playing screen, you will be taken to the playlist on YouTube.com.

AIW² Home School Club Lesson 1.4 Coloring Pages

Just a note: These are the coloring pages I used. I either found them by following the links that Shelly had on her lesson plan or I Googled the subject and “coloring page”. You can do the same and find other pages for free if you don’t like the ones I’m including in this post.

Click this image to be taken to my board on Pinterest that contains all the cute crafts, activities, and printables to support this lesson (I add more as I find them so they are not all depicted in this image).

Below is the recommended reading list, provided by the creator of this lesson plan, as well as any resources that might be helpful to the lesson. You don’t need to order any of these items to have a successful lesson, but if you’d like to add to your child’s library … well, here they are. Click on the images to order directly from one of the most trusted online shopping websites, Amazon.com:

I hope these things help you. And I hope you will check back often to follow our journey.

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