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On Day 2 of my “25 Days Of Giving” series, I am asking you to give. Bennett’s Bears is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart … Bennett is two of my best friends’ son, and this is their story …

On December 14, 2011, Bennett Nester was diagnosed with Brain Cancer right before Christmas. His family spent the days leading up to Christmas in the Texas Children’s ICU unit and were blown away at the number of gifts people were donating to the kids during this difficult time. One gift Bennett got while in the hospital was a brown Build-A-Bear which he loved. The following Christmas, they decided to give back to other families who had to be in the hospital at the same time that they did, and to let those kids know that despite all the tears, sometimes the hug of a bear can be just enough to get you through one more day. In December 2012, Bennett’s Bears was able to give over 250 Build-A-Bears to the children at Texas Children’s Hospital, and with donations this year they hope to top that number! Bennett is still treating today and continues to be a fighter.

Bennett, along with his family and friends deliver the bears to the children at the hospital on December 10th … so it is too late the order bears to be shipped for delivery this year. However, if you are local, they are hosting an event at Joystix Classic Games & Pinballs (1820 Franklin St., Houston, Texas 77002) from 7 – 10 tonight. If you can’t go to the event at Joystix, you can email Bennett’s mom, Brande, to schedule a pick-up at bennettnester@gmail.com. You can check the website for more details: www.BennettsBears.com.

If you can’t get a Build-A-Bear sent over in time this year, please add this cause to your list for next year’s collection campaign.

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