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25 Days Of Giving ~ Holiday Mail For HeroesIn my opinion, our U.S. soldiers don’t get enough gratitude. They sacrifice their time away from their own families and friends, and sometimes life and limb, to keep our country and our freedoms safe. Being away from your family is hard enough … imagine being away from the during the holidays, maybe being injured in a hospital bed and your family is still too far away to come visit you.

This program is sponsored by The Red Cross and is something really easy you can do and only costs the price of paper and postage … or if you have an extra Christmas card, send that. I found a “Thank You” coloring page that I printed out on my home computer and Ava enjoyed coloring it today. I’ll hand-write a little note to a soldier and send it with Ava’s coloring.

The Red Cross is also taking this program to social media …

“This year, we’re expanding the ways you can participate in this terrific program. If you’re an InstagramVine, or general Twitter user, you can tag photos or video messages with the #HolidayMail hashtag and we will be able to display these on our blog so service members across the country and around the world will be able to see your cheery holiday message! Sending an image or video will save trees, reduce the amount of mail that needs sorting, brings cheer to MANY service members, and has a much faster delivery time than mailed cards! We will be hosting all of the videos on a special Holiday Mail page so that any hospital, military installation, or veterans center will be easily able to display the stream of videos for our military members. Also, the stream can be accessed at anytime, simply look up #HolidayMail in your Instagram app. Some tips for a good video:

1. Make sure you’re in a well-lit area.

2. If you’re doing a video, be sure to speak clearly and not too fast (we’re sure you have a LOT to say!).

3. Use a generic greeting (we cannot guarantee a specific member of the military will view your video).

4. Send a generic holiday message like:

  • Thank you for serving! We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season!
  • Happy Holidays! I hope this message brings you a smile.

5. Tag your video with #HolidayMail before you post it.

6. GET CREATIVE! Sing part of your favorite holiday song, capture snowmen and snow angels, have a (safe) snowball fight, get your friends and family involved!

We may even use some of the best pictures and videos we see for a separate post on our site – so have fun with this. We’re excited to help you spread even more holiday cheer this season!

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