June 2012

A Friday Favorite Recipe Share from last night’s dinner … Meatloaf Muffins. So easy and delicious!
29 Jun 2012

Found this little guy crawling around my windowsill. He was only about an inch long.
28 Jun 2012

I’ve got to move to ATX. This is stupid.
25 Jun 2012

Princess with her new big girl sippy cup. No more bottles … YAY!
21 Jun 2012

Ava is set on clothes for a few months.
20 Jun 2012

Stuffed bell pepper caserole…Yum.
19 Jun 2012

I hope everyone had a happy Father’s Day.
17 Jun 2012

Homemade pizza … it was DELICIOUS!
15 Jun 2012

Ava just finished Daddy’s Father’s Day card.
14 Jun 2012

Yay, our new grass needed the rain. It was starting to turn brown already.
12 Jun 2012

Last night’s dinner made by one of my best girls: crab & lemon risotto with salad and garlic bread. AH-MAZING!
10 Jun 2012

Fun on a rocking horse!
10 Jun 2012

The most perfect smile ever!
8 Jun 2012

My dinner of choice (minus my favorite wine of course) when the hubs is gone.
8 Jun 2012

Cuddling in mommy’s lap before bedtime and reading her favorite book. ❤
7 Jun 2012

Friday Favorite: Organize. Turn holiday and birthday cards into a book for you child as a keepsake!
1 Jun 2012


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