October 2012

Happy Halloween!
31 Oct 2012

TRF. I guess we were cutting into her naptime. #texas #rennasaince #festival #trf
28 Oct 2012

It’s a bonfire kind of night.
27 Oct 2012

Under consideration. 100th photo … it’s not a big fake rack but it’s still expensive. 😉
23 Oct 2012

I’m torn by which one to wear today. #nfl #football #saints #texans #houston #nola #neworleans
21 Oct 2012

For some reason I think this comparison shot of Ainsley & Ava is hilarious.
19 Oct 2012

1 month ago today God blessed me with this gorgeous angel.
19 Oct 2012

Ok ladies, I need some help with an outfit for the hubby’s HS reunion this weekend … black velvet stretch pants, sequin tank top, and white blazer. Should I wear the black and white zebra print Steve Madden’s or the black velvet booties?
18 Oct 2012

Ava’s artwork.
17 Oct 2012

Stolen from Jodi … I totally do this.
17 Oct 2012

I do believe this weather calls for a huge pot of homemade chicken and dumplings.
16 Oct 2012

This is about all the Halloween decorating I’m going to do.
14 Oct 2012

A tiny pumpkin.
13 Oct 2012

Pumpkin patch diva
13 Oct 2012

Trying to play with the bunny.
13 Oct 2012

She won again.
12 Oct 2012

I found Ava in the garage. Do you think she’s trying to tell me something?
12 Oct 2012

Designing Ainsley’s birth announcements.
8 Oct 2012

Hello my long lost friend. I know we haven’t seen each other in over 9 months, but I was hoping we could pick up where we left off. Happy Monday everyone.
8 Oct 2012

Sporty Ava. Thank you Gigi
7 Oct 2012

I had 2 small glasses of wine last night with dinner and the milkscreen says it’s clean. Good to know. 🙂
7 Oct 2012

Long day
5 Oct 2012

Everything (except the printing which I did myself on my home computer) about this invitation is handmade. I’m kind of proud of it. Just have to pick up envelopes and we can mail them out!
5 Oct 2012

Pot.Kettle.Black. I’m just sayin.
4 Oct 2012

Trying to feed 2 babies at the same time = multi-tasking.
3 Oct 2012

Now maybe I can have that glass of wine I’ve been dreaming about for 9 months. Thanks Nece!
2 Oct 2012

Shades of pink.
2 Oct 2012

I finally got my china unpacked and into the china cabinet. Ready to unpack another box. When will it end.
1 Oct 2012


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