September 2012

Roadtrip napping.
29 Sept 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Plus … OMG!
29 Sept 2012

Aw, that’s a nice fortune.
27 Sept 2012

Ava wanted to help daddy with the dishes.
26 Sept 2012

The Wyka sisters
26 Sept 2012

It’s not just a toy box, it’s also a place for her to sit.
24 Sept 2012

Big girl in her new big girl seat.
23 Sept 2012

Mid-yawn … she loves her lamby bouncer that Aunt Angela got for her.
23 Sept 2012

All set to go home!
22 Sept 2012

I love how much alike they look.
21 Sept 2012

A beautiful delivery from my SIL. Thank you Angela, Patrick, Caitlin and Kasey. Xo.
21 Sept 2012

We had visitors and a delivery today. Thank you Brande, Bennett, Melody, Leah, and Gina.
20 Sept 2012

Meet Ainsley Ilyssa, born at 8:58 a.m. this morning. 7 lbs 7 oz and perfect. If you’d like to come meet her in person message me for the hospital info. We’ll be here for 3 days.
19 Sept 2012

It’s a fine line.
18 Sept 2012

Our houseguest for a couple of hours … Wednesday (A.K.A. Mama). She’s a sweetheart and loved playing in the lake.
15 Sept 2012

Glad to have that done.
14 Sept 2012

It’s gon rain!
13 Sept 2012

To share or not to share … that is the question.
12 Sept 2012

Ava has a co-pilot this morning.
12 Sept 2012

Ava Bells out for a morning walk … trying to get Ainsley to join us.
11 Sept 2012

Chubby cheeks is already 7.5 lbs. I think she looks just like Ava.
10 Sept 2012

I have a stowaway.
10 Sept 2012

A cat in a tree … it was pretty cute.
9 Sept 2012

Mayday is having a lazy Sunday cat nap.
9 Sept 2012

1979-1980 1st grade school year, 6 years old. #throwbackthursday
6 Sept 2012

We finally have cable!
2 Sept 2012

Sitting on the back porch by myself wishing I could crack open a bottle of wine.
1 Sept 2012

Ava at the zoo.
1 Sept 2012


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