Whatever Wednesday Link Party & Giveaways

What is Whatever Wednesday? Exactly what it says! Link up WHATEVER you want to share with us!


  1. Link any Crafts, DIY projects, Your Etsy Store, Web store, Blog, Recipes, Giveaways, anything you made or own!
  2. It HAS to be Family Friendly.
  3. Link up one of my buttons (see below) to your side bar or post on your blog!
  4. Have fun!

Please Remember: If you are linking up Etsy or web stores, please Do NOT link up more than 2 Links. For anything else other than web stores, please do not link up more that 4 links. If you are linking your Linky Party page, be sure to note which day you hold your party on. Thank you!

To Enter, email the following items to sweetreagan@gmail.com with the subject line “Whatever Wednesday Entry”:

  1. A 160 x 160 pixel image that you would like to display with your link (it can be a photo of the product you created or a banner image from your blog)
  2. The url link you would like the image to go back to (if this is for a blog post, please be sure the link goes back to the individual post and not your whole blog)
  3. If you are linking to your Linky Party Page, please indicate which day of the week you hold your party on.

Here are Link Parties we link to:

Tuesday Parties

Wednesday Parties

Friday Parties


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