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Now that Ava is 2 years old, there are several significant milestones we are trying to work on and I feel like a chore chart is the best way to help with that.

  1. I’m trying to get her potty trained.
  2. I’m trying to teach her dental hygiene … she hasn’t quite mastered brushing her teeth and she has a mouthful of them.
  3. She’s getting to be a picky eater and dinner time is usually a battle.
  4. I’d like to teach her to help with picking up her toys.
  5. I’m in the process (I hope to have it completed by the end of this weekend) of building a learning area upstairs where I am going to start teaching her basic things (ABC’s, counting, animals & sounds, colors, etc.) to go along with her once-a-week-Mother’s-Day-Out class that we pay for just for socialization purposes.
  6. I’d like to get her to enjoy cooking with me (easy things like cookies).

I’m hoping it will also be a starting point in teaching her some responsibility as well. So I’ve been searching for inspiration on Pinterest. I think for her age and until we can get her used to this routine of doing things for herself, this method (by Sarah with Hefner Happenings) will work for us. I created mine in Microsoft on the computer so I could add some simple clipart pictures with each task since Ava can’t read yet. This is so she will start to associate the image with the task. I think we are going to start with stickers that way she can get excited about adding them to her chart every time she completes a chore. Also, I think we are going to start off with getting a reward at the end of each week. When she understands the whole thing, we can move her rewards to the end of each day.

Chore Chart Post 1

Of course, as she masters some of these simpler tasks (potty training, brushing her teeth, eating dinner without a fight), I’ll swap them out for new chores. The same goes with her rewards. For now, this is the list of rewards I’ve printed out for her to choose from each week …

  • Read A Book
  • Have A Tea Party
  • Go For A Wagon Ride
  • Swing & Slide Outside
  • Help Mommy Bake Something
  • Play A Game
  • Color
  • Have A Picnic In The Backyard
  • Make A Card For Someone
  • Paint Your Toes
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Draw On The Driveway With Sidewalk Chalk
  • Learn A New Song
  • Go Out For Ice Cream
  • Swim In The Backyard (Kiddie pools start at around $10 at Wal-Mart)
  • Pick Flowers
  • Build A Fort In The Living Room
  • Draw On The Bathtub Walls With Bath Crayons At Bath Time
  • Take A Bubble Bath (you can add, “In Mommy & Daddy’s {garden} tub if you have one for extra excitement ~ makes them feel like they are in a special swimming pool in the house)
  • Stay Up An Extra 30 Minutes (or 1 hour, my 2 year old doesn’t understand the concept of time yet so 30 minutes is plenty for her)
  • $1 For My Piggie Bank (she has to put this in her piggie bank to save … until she’s old enough for me to teach her about money, I’m not letting her have any of this money).
  • Get A New Toy (set a price limit of $5 or $10 … at the resale shop, that way it’s easy to find something under your limit)

I just created a simple 2 column table in Microsoft Word to make these, printed them on card stock paper, cut them, put them in a mason jar I already had, and printed out a cute label to go on the jar using address labels we had in the office. Once she starts to understand the concept of chores & rewards, we will probably try a new method (and of course I’ll keep you posted when we do).

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